蒸汽星期六 is a Neon Museum program that offers fun make-and-take activities, 实践学习, and demonstrations designed to promote creative and critical thinking. 这个系列是提供给家庭的 一个月一次 从9:30am-11:30am.

$5 for attendees age 7 and up, children 6 and under are free. 会员免费. Museums for All guests are FREE with EBT/SNAP/WIC or foster placement letter and valid ID. 强烈建议提前注册.

**这是一个即兴活动. Once registered, you may come and go anytime between 9:30am-11:30am.

什么是STEAM学习?  STEAM learning is an education strategy that integrates Science, 技术, 工程, 艺术和数学鼓励探究, 讨论和解决问题.  



Starting in 2024, STEAM Saturday will be held at a new time: 9:30 a.m. 到11:30 a.m.


Let's investigate typography: the design of the letters and fonts that fill our lives and surround us on a daily basis. Learn about different font styles on display in the 霓虹灯墓地 such as western typography like Sassy Sally’s, 像尤卡汽车旅馆一样的中世纪现代风格, 像红磨坊一样草书. 这个星期六试着用草书书写, 设计你名字中的字母, and add your own touch to our giant collaborative coloring page.



Ever wondered what it would be like to be an architect? This month we’ll navigate through the 霓虹灯墓地 and learn the connections between architecture and our collection. How does the La Concha lobby fall under Googie Architecture? How did the architect Paul Revere Williams draw his blueprints? You’ll learn all this while unleashing your architectural skills through building a 3-D skyscraper, designing the blueprints for your very own dreamhouse, 在世界各地搭建桥梁, 还有更多. 

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移动并摇到这个STEAM周六! This month let’s get groovy in the 霓虹灯墓地 and learn about the connection between music and the iconic locations in our collection, like the Kim Sisters at the Stardust Hotel and Casino and the International Mariachi Festival at The Aladdin in the 90’s. Discover the joy of music by creating your own rhythm eggs, experience actual 音乐家 playing their instruments, 花时间和BoomWhackers一起学习乐谱, and learn how music is so deeply connected to the Neon collection!



Tap into nature and sustainability with us at this month's STEAM Saturday! This month we are connecting beautiful Nevada Nature to the 霓虹灯墓地 through learning about the Yucca which inspired the Yucca Motel sign and the desert rose which inspired The Desert Rose Motel. We’ll explore the native animals of the Nevada desert, discover what it means to live a more sustainable lifestyle, 学习节约用水, 用回收材料创作艺术品, 还有更多. 



Let your child explore the dynamic intersection of sports, 力/运动, and art in an engaging and interactive learning experience. We are going to look at the 霓虹灯墓地 through the eyes of a sports fan, connecting our collection to sports through our 霓虹灯墓地 scavenger hunt. We will navigate the boneyard to learn about rooftop pickleball at the Plaa, 曼德勒湾的长曲棍球, the international racetrack at the Stardust and Jai Lai at the Tropicana.  We will race into learning physics with the marble run, 试着通过呼啦圈的艺术来战胜重力, 然后开始一场墓地障碍赛. This is a motion filled STEAM Saturday you do not want to miss.



Las Vegas is home to a very robust entertainment industry.  小丑, 魔术师, 舞者, 演员, 歌手, 音乐家, 喜剧演员, 作家, and designers come from all over the world to practice their craft in our city.  This month we will take a look at the 霓虹灯墓地 collection and connect with the entertainers who have made Las Vegas their home.  Let’s explore different careers in entertainment by creating personalized puppets, 设计展会海报, 练习我们的表演技巧, 还有更多!



馆长是做什么的? The 霓虹灯墓地 wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of a curator, so let’s learn all about curation and the important role they play at The Neon Musuem. While we bridge the connection between curation and our collection, 你将设计自己的迷你展览, 完成状态报告, 探索户外博物馆的挑战, 在历史油漆匹配测试你的技能, and learn about everything that goes into conserving our collection.



你喜欢颜色吗?? 想了解它们是如何工作的,如何使用它们? Then join us for a colorful event where you’ll explore the science, 色彩艺术, and how that connects to our 霓虹灯墓地 collection. 你将学习如何混合颜色, 制造视觉错觉, 学习符号的色彩心理学, 创造你自己的彩虹. Don’t miss this chance to brighten up your day with creativity! 



那么,为什么霓虹灯会发光呢? We'll give you the answer at this STEAM Saturday all about glowing! This month we will go through the 霓虹灯墓地 collection to discover neon buzz, 霓虹灯不仅仅是霓虹灯, 还有更多. Together we will discover why animals glow through bioluminescence, 在黑暗的黏液中创造你的光芒, 还有更多. 这是一个发光的星期六,你不会忘记的.






风雨无阻让我们学习一下天气! This month we’re learning about how weather can affect the 霓虹灯墓地. 我们会用超音波技术创造我们自己的指纹, 通过设计你自己的风车来了解风, 探索闪电和雷声是如何形成的, and dive deep into how the 霓虹灯墓地 is affected by different types of weather.



你准备好和你的家人一起玩了吗? Join us for an electrifying event where you’ll discover the wonders of electricity. Throughout the 霓虹灯墓地 we dive into a scavenger hunt where we will learn about neon buzz, the different types of lightbulbs used in the boneyard, 以及霓虹灯的单位如何像圣诞彩灯.  You’ll discover the art of circuitry through paper circuits, 用气球制造静电, 看看闪电是如何产生的, 可持续能源在内华达州意味着什么, 还有更多.



STEAM周六是由喵狼赞助的, 考克斯的慈善机构, 以及内华达艺术委员会, 一个国家机构, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, 联邦机构, 以及内华达州. 

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